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Wednesday, 12 May 2004 11:54

What does NetWebSolutions® do?

NetWebSolutions® is a privately owned Web Hosting and Development company specializing in shared, and E-Commerce hosting. We are based out of Redway, California. Our company has provided businesses worldwide with reliable, professional-class network environments to host E-Commerce, E-mail and professional web sites.

If I am currently hosted at another hosting company and wish to
move my web site to NetWebSolutions®, what do I need to do?

Here are the processes with establishing a hosting account with NetWebSolutions®:

First, you will want to establish your account with NetWebSolutions® by completing the Sign Up form and choosing the package of your choice. You can choose your hosting packages by Clicking Here and Click Here for E-Commerce packages.

Second,NetWebSolutions® will then create your account on our servers, and send you "Welcome Letter" which will include your new user name, password and IP Address, along with many other helpful tips. Note: It is important that you always keep this email in your files, it will be of many uses to you in the future.

Third, you will need to contact your domain registrar company (for example: Network Solutions, GoDaddy, TuCows,, and point your Domain to our servers. You can do this by simply changing your Name Servers to and Once you change your name servers to point to our servers, it will than take 24-72 hours for the domain to propogate to our network. In this process you will not normally experience downtime or loss of emails, as long as you setup your account on our servers before you change your name servers.

Fourth, using a FTP (File transfer program) like WS_FTP, Fetch, or MS FrontPage you will need to upload your web site to your domain name on our servers. You can find your account information in the "Welcome Letter" that we send you once you setup your account.

How can I sign-up?

NetWebSolutions® has simplified the signup procedures by creating an easy to follow process. After choosing the package that best fits your needs, begin the ordering process by clicking on our Order Page and follow the easy steps, you will receive your Welcome Letter shortly after.

How often do you backup my data?

Your entire website is backed up once a day. Changes are backed up every 15 minutes.

Can I upgrade my account?

Yes, at anytime if you wish to upgrade your account, simply logon to your control panel, and click Upgrade CP, you will then be able to upgrade to any package you choose.

Can I pay using checks or Money Orders?

Yes, just mail your check or money order to our Billing Address at:

P.O. Box 1070
Redway, CA 95560

Once the payment is received, your account will be activated.

Please Note: (Your check or money order must be cleared before we activate your account.

How long does it take to set up my account?

Accounts are normally set-up within 10 minutes of your accepted order.

How long will it take to activate the domain name?

Domain name propagation usually takes 24-72 hours to propagate.
Have more Domain Name questions? Visit our Domain Faq's.

How do I transfer files to my website?

Any FTP client (including CuteFTP, WS-FTP, etc.) can access our Web servers. You can also use Microsoft FrontPage to transfer your files.

How many hosting accounts are installed on each server?

Typically 250 - 350 sites exist on each machine. Our hosting systems utilize high-quality hardware and software from Dell, and RedHat Linux. Our severs our monitored daily for performance and upgrades are made appropriately.

Rest assured, that NetWebSolutions® never sacrifices quality for quantity. Any server showing minimal strains of bandwidth and speed is immediately filtered with new accounts moved to a new server.

Can I use SSL on your servers?

Yes, you are able to use SSL on our servers. We also offer a Shared SSL for your security at no extra charge.

Are there any hidden fees?

NetWebSolutions® does NOT charge any hidden fees for any of it’s services or products.

Will there be any ads placed on my website?

No, NetWebSolutions® does not place any adds on your website.

Does NetWebSolutions® offer any dedicated server services?

Yes, we offer a highly popular dedicated server package, which can be viewed in our Products section. Click here for more information.

What kind of technical support is offered with my account?

We offer 8am-5pm PST Technical and Sales Support. Email Support is offered 24/7 at no extra charge.

What is your level of uptime?

NetWebSolutions® provides 99.9% uptime. Guranteed!

Do you offer Phone Support?

Yes, NetWebSolutions® provides phone support at (707)Neednumber between 8am-5pm PST.

Do you allow adult/porn content?

No, we do not.

In order to provide a high class, professional service, we have a few conditions for Customers who use our service. Some of these conditions may seem strict, but they insure a safe, functional, reliable, and trusted environment for our customers to publish their information on the World Wide Web.

NetWebSolutions® does not allow any of the following content, or links to such content, to be published:

• Content of a pornographic, sexually explicit, or violent nature.
• Content of an illegal nature (including stolen copyrighted material).
• Pirated software sites.
• "Hate sites" or content that could be reasonably considered as slanderous or libelous.

Customers posting any of the above content on their sites will be notified, and given a 48 hour period to make corrective changes. If no action is taken, WebNetHosting will suspend services for the current site until a resolution is met. A repeated violation of this Policy will cause a cancellation of service without refund of any sort..

Can I have the names of a few sites so I can check there ping times?

Try,, and

Do you provide dial up internet access?

No, we specialize in web hosting and development, and keeping your website in good hands is what we do best, we do not provide any ISP services.

Do you allow SPAM?

Absolutely not, we monitor our network every minute of each day to make sure our network is not hit by any sort of SPAM emails or viruses.

I have an intensive CGI script I would like to run. What happens if it uses too much of the server? Will you shut me down?

NetWebSolutions®never spontaneously shuts anybody down. We are fairly liberal when it comes to server usage as long as no one abuses it. If we find a script you are running is draining more than your fair share of the server's resources we will give you a warning and ask that you trim it down. If you are looking to run expansive scripts we suggest a dedicated server.

Do you provide site statistics?

Yes, we provide you with your own site statistics tool, which allows you to keep track of everyone accessing your website.

We also offer Urchin Site Statistics for a small monthly fee. Please visit our Products and Services to view details on Urchin.

Can I host more then one website on your hosting packages?

We can point additional accounts to your hosting account at no extra charge.

Do you accept spamming?

Absolutely NOT, NetWebSolutions® does NOT accept spamming or mass emailing.

Can I use my own CGI script?

Yes, NetWebSolutions® runs a standard Apache install on a Linux server, and most CGI scripts will run on our system. Your CGI script should be located inside of the “cgi-bin” folder of the domain your using.

Do I get my own CGI-BIN?

Yes, NetWebSolutions® provides you with your own CGI-BIN.

Will I be notified of events affecting my billing or system limits?

Yes. If account limits are reached or any other problems occur, a notification e-mail is automatically sent to you with details or instructions on how to resolve the problem.

Do you offer PHP4?

Yes. Every Linux-based hosting service that NetWebSolutions® offers includes PHP4.

Do you allow MP3 sites?

Yes, NetWebSolutions® allows legal MP3 sites.

Will I have access to my account 24 hours a day?

Yes, You can access your account and website at anytime.

How do I know when to renew?

NetWebSolutions® will send you a invoice of payment and renewal date.

What is your network and server environment?

NetWebSolutions® provides you with the most updated networking and server equipment in the industry. Our Facility features around 30,000 square feet of total space, redundant UPS systems, generator backup, VESPA detection systems, closed circuit monitoring of all areas and entrances, card key access, 24 hour guard manned security, redundant a/c systems, and fiber from 5 separate providers. We are a full Cisco shop, and we only use the top networking and server equipment, so we can maintain your Web Servers 24x7.

Do you accept US and NON-US wire transfers for new accounts?

No, we no longer accept Wire Transfers from non-us residents.

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