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Wednesday, 12 May 2004 11:54
How do I transfer my Web site to NetWebSolutions®?

We have helped many companies through seamless transfers without loss of data, email, and downtime. Transferring web hosts doesn’t have to be so painful. We have developed some quick steps, which will help you transfer your web site to us without any downtime.

  • Order a hosting package at NetWebSolutions® hosting page.
  • Make a backup of your web site and emails with your current host, and keep the service active. 
  • Once you sign up with NetWebSolurions® you will receive a “Welcome Letter” which will include your username, password, and IP address, and the directory to upload your web site to which is www/
  • Follow the “Welcome Letter” and upload your web site to your web directory using your IP Address. 
  • Using your new control panel from NetWebSolutions® set up all your existing email accounts. 
  • Contact your domain registrar and change your “name servers” to point to NetWebSolurions® name servers.
  • Once the “name server” has been changed, it will take 24-72 hours while the domain propagation takes place. During this period, you most likely will not have any downtime, if you do experience downtime it will be no more than a couple hours. To minimize downtime you want to change your Name Servers right before midnight, this will usually help minimize downtime.
  • Once all domain transfer have completet, contact your old web host and disconnect your service.

You are now hosted on NetWebSolutions® servers, and will enjoy the fast and secure servers offered.
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